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Even without installing any add-ons, you can use the following tweaks to adjust IE to taste...

UI Tweaks


  • You can force IE7's menu bar to the Top (or undo).  Requires restart.
  • Some users would prefer the QuickTabs feature didn't automatically close when IE loses focus (like a menu does).  You can make QuickTabs behave like a page (or go back to menu mode).  Requires restart.
  • You can hide IE7's search box (or undo).  Requires restart.
  • Want to have CTRL+Tab go to the most recent tab, and to go back to the prior tab when closing a tab?  Click the Use most recent order when switching tabs option on the Tools | Internet Options | Advanced dialog.
  • To disable tabbed browsing and remove the Favorites star, toolbar buttons, and the entire tab row, run this (or undo).
  • You can remove (or undo) the 3d-border around IE's HTML canvas.  The benefit of doing so is that, when IE is maximized, you can use the scrollbar by moving your mouse all the way to the right side of the screen (instead of 1px left of the right-side of the screen).  Fitt's Law suggests that this is a significant usability improvement.

Search Providers

Add a new Search Provider for any search engine using the IE7 Search Builder.

Website Compatibility

Run into a website that requires IE6?  Spoof the site by tweaking your user-agent. Requires restart.

Speed Tweaks

1. Increase the connection limit (or undo). This tweak allows IE to make up to 16 connections per server. Requires restart.

2. If you're not using a proxy, uncheck IE's "Automatically detect settings" option on the Tools | Internet Options | Connections | LAN Settings dialog.

Block annoying Flash, popups, adware, etc.

1. Place annoying sites in the Restricted Zone.

2. Use the HOSTS file to block all requests for annoying domains.

3. Scan your computer for adware using Microsoft's Windows Defender.

IE8 Tweaks

Favorites Menu

Other tweaks

Change what happens when you use CTRL+ENTER quick-complete in the address bar.

Other tweaks from IE MVPs.


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