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IE Search Provider Builder Tool

You can use this page to easily add a new search provider to your list of available IE7+ search providers.  Search providers appear in the dropdown next to the search box inside of IE7+, and most other browsers.

Note: The Microsoft Edge browser does not support this page. Please complain! Workaround: See this page for a few providers.


Build a Search Provider now...

  1. Visit the desired search engine in another window or tab
  2. Use the search engine to search for the string TEST in all capital letters
  3. Copy the URL of the Search results page into this box:
  4. Choose a name for this search provider (e.g. MSDN):
  5. Click here: (or here: or here: )
If this search engine does not accept UTF-8 input, click here.


  1. When a page exposes a search provider, the arrow next to the dropdown will light up.   Click on the arrow to search using the provider, or to add it to your list of search providers.
  2. Hit CTRL+Enter in the search box to open results in a new tab
  3. You can also visit the "Find More Providers" page by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the search box.
  4. WebDevs: Learn more about how to add search providers from script.
  5. WebDevs: Learn more about Search Autodiscovery.
  6. WebDevs: Learn about enhancing your IE8 search provider with visual search and suggestions.

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