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IEInternals Comment Policy

IEInternals has a different comment policy than other blogs you may have participated in. The policy is fairly simple: if I don't believe your comment would be useful to other readers, it will be removed.

This policy is meant to help ensure that readers of IEInternals need not wade through a large number of off-topic, spam, inaccurate, whiny, insulting, politicized, or similarly distracting remarks when learning about IE. I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about this policy from regular readers who compare the value of comments they read on IEInternals vs. those at other blogs.

Some may protest that this policy is somehow a violation of "free speech", failing to understand that freedom of speech means you may say whatever you want, but that doesn't mean that anyone is interested in hearing it, nor does it mean that a publisher must carry such speech. There are plenty of forums for such conversations, and you're encouraged to move those discussions to such forums.

Note: Please understand that this policy includes "positive" but similarly non-useful remarks like "Thank you for this wonderful post" -- thank you, and you're welcome. But other readers won't benefit from your kudos, and hence they will also be removed.

If you'd like to contact me directly about a topic of interest to you, please feel free to use the Contact link at the top-right.


Thanks for reading!

-Eric Lawrence

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