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Get the Add-ons

The following are stable add-ons (virtually all freeware) that work well with Internet Explorer 7 and 8.  I wrote some of these, and others are provided by others in the community.

  • ProxyPick - A quick-switch tool for selecting a different proxy.  (IE5+)
  • UAPick - A quick-switch tool for having IE report a different user-agent string.  (IE8+)
  • X64Button - A simple button which appears in 64bit IE and opens the current page in 32bit IE.  (IE6+)

IEToys - A small suite of powerful add-ons for simple tasks like ad removal, dictionary and encyclopedia lookups, etc.

Mouse Gestures - Mouse gestures allow you to use the right-mouse button + movement to trigger complicated actions.  For instance, you could define UP + RIGHT to mean "Open in background tab".  Or DOWN + RIGHT to mean "Close this page". 

The new "Scripting" feature allows you to hook gestures up to custom scripts; I've configured double-right-click to remove unwanted content like images & Flash.

Right-click on this link RemoveImages.js and use Save Target As... to store it as C:\RemoveImages.js. Then, configure the double-right-click gesture to launch the script:

LeechGet - A powerful download manager which allows you to queue/pause/resume downloads.

IESpell - Click a toolbar button to spell-check your blog postings, emails, etc, before you post them.

For Web Developers

See Web Developer add-ons.

Three nice choices for page search in IE7

Note: IE8 includes a built-in Find-On-Page feature.

1> Find as you type - Another toolbar that hooks CTRL+F.  This one includes an 64-bit version, and full C++ source code is available.

Find As You Type in operation in Internet Explorer 7

2> HandyKeys is a neat little applet that works across windows to enable incremental search in a number of applications (just hit CTRL+Space).  Its best feature is that you can just hit Enter to activate hyperlinks found incrementally.

For RSS Users

Feeds Plus offers notification of new feeds and an aggregated reading view. (IE7 only)

Feed Folder offers a "Live Bookmarks" style view of feed items from your Favorites menu. (IE7 only.  IE8 has a similar feature built-in).

Other Add-ons

The old IE5 PowerTweaks offer a way to add a site to the Trusted Zone or the Restricted Zone directly from the tools menu.

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